Durango Tech

Durango Tech is a new company with the goal of providing high quality tech services to all. (NOTE- Come up with a better slogan/catch phrase).

Our Mission

Durango Tech strives to produce a large portfolio of tech related services to all. Keep reading to find out more on what we offer!

Our Portfolio

We are proud to offer a series of complex technology related services. These include:

  • Web Design
  • App Design
  • Video and Audio Editing
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    Our System

    Once you submit a request for us to work on a project for you, someone on our staff will reach out to you, and you will beocme one of our clients, and we will begin work for you.

    As a client, you will be given access to a personalized dashboard of information with everything you need to know relating to the work we are doign for you. On this personalized page, you will be able to see price estimates, pay your bill and more.

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    What we offer

    We offer everything from Web Design all the way to Hardware repairs


    Our team has a wide range of skills in various coding languages and software.

    • HTMl & CSS
    • Javascript
    • React
    • Google Sites
    • Wix
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    Our team also has a wide range of knoledge in harware repairs as well as computer device set-up and matenence.

    • Computer Rapairs
    • Phone and Tablet Repairs
    • Device Troubleshooting
    • Compuuter Set-up (Windows & Mac)
    • iPhone and Tablet set-up
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    Our team also offers various other technology based services, not hardware or software specific.

    • Sound Board Operation
    • Light Board Operation
    • Video Editing
    • Audio Editing
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